Beth Newinham's Third Grade

Beth Newingham's classroom is located at Hill Elementary in Troy Michigan.
Beth Newingham's web page does a really good job demonstrating what goes on in her classroom. This website is great for both the students and the parents. Everything you need to know about the class is found on this web page. The home page shows the overall theme of the classroom which is a movie theme. She has named her classroom Studio 13. There in a link to this page that allows you to "meet the stars" of the classroom. Also, you can access the classroom projects like the movies they produce.

This web page makes it very easy for the parents to become involved with their child's education. There is a link that is just for the parents. The title of the page is called "You are cordially invited to be a partner in your child's education." She encourages parents to stay-tuned with their child's third grade experience and to ask any questions they might have.

Another great contribution to Beth Newingham's website is how she provides the academic links to the classroom. She provides literacy links, the classroom library, word study, the weekly schedule, the third grade curriculum, and much more.

Just from looking through this website, I can imagine that both the students and the parents are very proud to have Beth Newingham as their third grade educator at Hill Elementary. The amount of hard work and contribution she put on this great webpage shows the dedication she has for her students and their families in her classroom.